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Review added : 15 June 2017 submitted : 12 June 2017
Location(s) :
 USA : California - Northern : San Francisco Bay Area (Main location)

Contact Information :
 Web Address : http://www.allensilver.com/

Review Photo(s):
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Age : 40+
Race/Ethnicity : white
Height : between 5'10" and 6'
Weight : 195 lbs.
Build : buffed
Hair Color : grey
Eye Color : blue

Interests :
  good food
  live theatre

Languages Spoken :

 Dresses Appropriately? : Yes
 Good Conversationalist? : Yes
 Hygiene? : very clean
Rates :
Currency : U.S. Dollar
  In : $275.00

Services Offered :

 Sexual Orientation : gay
 Dick Size : 8 or 9 inches
 Circumsized : Yes
 Kisses : Yes
 Oral : both
 Anal : both
 Kink : Yes
 Encounter Date : Within the last 7 days

Reviewed by : docred
I just spent another awesome overnight with Allen! So much fun was enjoyed by all. For those guys who would like to spend more time with Allen but are unsure what an overnight would entail, please allow me to explain.

I don't know about other escorts, but Allen's overnights are for twelve hours plus or minus. It all starts around 8 or 9 pm, sometimes with cocktails and a snack. Then several hours of playtime before we both cuddle and go to sleep. Allen is a very peaceful sleeper, no snoring or thrashing about and no multiple bathroom visits! Having this beautiful, furry, hunky man asleep next to you is sensational!

After six hours or so there will be some wonderful, extended wake-up cuddling followed by a little more playtime. We then have breakfast together and kiss each other a sweet goodbye — until next time! Absolute heaven guys, and you know you deserve some of that!

Would you hire this person again? : Yes

About the reviewer : I am an older retired professional in a loving, monogamous relationship that had lost it's sexual drive. I was looking for a mature masculine guy with a good sense of humor who would be gentle and understanding, but ready to take the lead and show me the way and would reassure me that I still had my "moja!" And did I mention handsome, rugged, furry, and hung?

Sounds like a difficult search but now I know there is at least one hot man out there who matches all my requirements. Who knows who else would meet my wish list?

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