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Review added : 08 March 2017 submitted : 03 March 2017
Location(s) :
 USA : Kentucky : Louisville (Main location)

Contact Information :
 See : http://www.men4rentnow.com/gay/escort/male/massage/loui sville/Topinrelax/318222

Age : 40+
Race/Ethnicity : white
Height : between 5'6" and 5'9
Weight : 160 lbs.
Build : naturally fit
Hair Color : can't recall
Eye Color : can't recall

Languages Spoken :

 Dresses Appropriately? : No
 Good Conversationalist? : No
 Hygiene? : very clean
Rates :
Currency : U.S. Dollar
  In : $120.00

Services Offered :

 Sexual Orientation : unknown
 Dick Size : 7 inches or less
 Circumsized : Yes
 Kisses : No
 Oral : receives
 Anal : unknown
 Kink : don't know
 Encounter Date : Last night

Reviewed by : m4m4funtimez
I contacted him through his website via text message. The site indicated Extreme Top Sports Therapy. His pictures showed that he was very fit and attractive. I sent him a text regarding what I was looking for, sex and some massage. I also indicated that I was a large overweight guy just to make sure he was OK with my size. He said OK. $120/hour.

I asked him to send me additional pictures and he would not, which did sent up a red flag. I asked if the session could be longer than an hour. His reply was, if needed. Found that an odd reply.

I arrived at his home. Nice house. Dimly lit. He did not look like his pictures exactly. He looked much older.

He showed me into a room with a massage table, had me undress and lie face down on the table. He undressed down to his underwear. He began applying massage oil and lightly rubbing his hands all over until a text message.

He stopped. Responded to the text. Continued. Another text message. Then he was texting in one hand while lightly rubbing me with the other. I am thinking, great, I am paying for him to be on his phone.

He had me turn over. More light rubbing. I would hardly call is massage. He didn't have any strength in his hands. Then he got on top of me in a 69 position, oiled up my cock, began stroking it and placed his cock near my mouth. An interesting cock, very thick. Like beer can thick, but short and stubby.

I asked him if he was going to suck me and he said no, he was having a dental issue. OK.

He had me jack myself off and clean myself up. And it was over. The entire session was about 20 minutes. It was 8:24. He then wanted his $120. I said, no, the session was not even half an hour and there was no sex.

He then switched to that it was $120 a session and sometimes a session doesn't last an hour, even though on his phone he did a voice to text telling someone he would be done with this client at nine, also indicating to me that it was not going to be any longer than an hour.

I pushed back on the price. He got defensive and just told me to leave if I didn't want to pay. It wasn't a matter of paying him, but I did not fell like I owed him $120 for twenty minutes of light rubbing and getting myself off. He said fine, $80 and I still pushed back. I ended up giving him the $80 and left.

He did not fit his description. He was not muscular at all. His pictures posted were obviously taken during his prime when he was much younger.

I am not sure why the session was so rushed and did not include any passionate sex, which I indicated I wanted.

Maybe he really wasn't into my body type, which is perfectly OK. I am very overweight. He just should have said so upfront. He also decided to throw in that I might have a heart problem because my skin was tight in my lower back. Seriously. It's because I am fat that the skin is stretched tight in that area. That is all. He is hardly a massage therapist, much less someone to presume to diagnose a heart condition. I am also a licensed massage therapist and licensed master skin care therapist. The guy has no idea how to do a proper massage, much less Sports Therapy Massage.

I have hired many escorts and this guy is no escort. He is just taking advantage of people.

Would you hire this person again? : No

About the reviewer : 38 year old very overweight professional who enjoys time spent with professional escorts.

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