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Review added : 10 February 2017 submitted : 06 February 2017
Location(s) :
 USA : Indiana : Indianapolis (Main location)
 USA : Missouri : Saint Louis

Contact Information :
 See : https://rent.men/Cameronk

Age : 20 - 24
Race/Ethnicity : Latino
Height : between 5'10" and 6'
Weight : 180 lbs.
Build : overweight
Hair Color : brown
Eye Color : can't recall

Languages Spoken :

 Dresses Appropriately? : Yes
 Good Conversationalist? : No
 Hygiene? : passable
Rates :
Currency : U.S. Dollar
  Overnight : $700.00

Services Offered :

 Sexual Orientation : bisexual
 Dick Size : 7 inches or less
 Circumsized : can't recall
 Kisses : don't know
 Oral : both
 Anal : unknown
 Kink : don't know
 Encounter Date : Last night

Reviewed by : Richardricky
I have never written a negative review about an escort and I was really hesitant about writing one for Cameron but if this prevents anyone else from going through what I did then it's worth it. I should have trusted my instincts and never gone for an overnight with an escort I had never met for a shorter session first but (somehow) he had several online reviews that were all positive and he was very prompt and respectful in his initial texts.

When I first contacted him I included what I required for the visit and he stated that he was OK for everything I asked. I made arrangements to pick him up at the Greyhound Station in St. Louis for our overnight and I almost turned around and left when I saw him coming out of the terminal. It's obvious the photo he used on his profile is either very dated or possibly not even him. He had included a couple face pics of him in one of our initial texts but again they were outdated as well.

From the time he got into the car I knew I was going to be disappointed; his hygiene was passable but he had on so much body spray it was cloying! I know exactly what these arrangements are about and I do not begrudge these guys anything they get for their time but Cameron immediately started complaining about the money situation; I tried to stay positive but I refuse to give any more money up front for their time than what was agreed on. If we get along well and have a mutually good time then I'm all about a good tip but the escort sets what his time is worth and if he is not comfortable with that he should refuse the session or let you know up front what he requires.

After we got to the hotel Cameron wanted to go get something to eat and afterwards he suggested a trip to a casino. What a mistake! He lost the money I had given him and then started suggesting I reimburse him for his losses! He stated that his other clients usually gave him money to play on and that he was going to lose money on this trip! I had to tell him that I was sorry for his loss but there was no way I was going to reimburse him!

After that fiasco we went back to the hotel in an uncomfortable silence and he did give a disappointing massage and a half-assed oral session that I honestly just wanted to get over and done. The only positive thing I can say about this encounter is that his bus left at 4:30 am and I was able to get him out and on his way early!

Would you hire this person again? : No
 See escort response below.

About the reviewer : 50'ish, 5'10", 230 out of shape pounds.

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The escort has provided a response to this review:
First off I want to apologize for taking so long to respond to this "Review" from those who have been Interested. I have been extremely busy lately and just got back from seeing a regular of mine for a week.

Now to this "Review". This is not a legitimate client. Ive heard of guys posing as clients to hire guys and basically write bad reviews to make an escort friend of theirs look better, but never imagined it would happen to me. I ask that everyone do their research on this reviewer and you will see that is exactly what this is about.

Of course the way to discourage others from hiring an escort is to say their pictures are outdated. I find this laughable. REALLY? I am 23. The reviewer makes it sound as if I am 40 and out of shape. Riddle me this, If I werent authentic In my pictures dont you think someone would have said something by now? ESPECIALLY if I was as bad as the reviewer makes it out to be. Also he mentions I met him at the bus station, In other words I exclusively travel granted I am very discrete In my hometown. What sense would it make for me to hop on a bus, Travel 9 hours one way, Pay for my own ticket up front and hoping to be paid by someone whom I have never met? It doesnt add up. It doesnt make sense. If anything I would be doing it locally, Right?

This reviewer was a nightmare to deal with In person. HE kept mentioning money and even In our original emails he mentioned he was concerned about fees. Whenever someone mentions money, multiple times, This puts up a red flag. I only asked for my fee up front granted I got the Impression he was the kind to stiff me and how me In a low end Hotel. He also fails to mention that the bus ticket cost me $200. He had an Issue with refunding me for the large cost to meet him. Usually it doesnt cost this much, but again I made arrangements to suit HIS needs. I was astounded that he didnt reimburse me for the bus fare. But then again he did already give me some red flags.

Once I was paid, Yes we went to the Casino, Yes I was an Idiot losing it all. No this is not normal. We met on Super Bowl night and the drinks were flowing. I should have stopped myself knowing my limit but I did not. I have plenty of regulars. Again another part of this story this reviewer left out is One regular Imparticular reimbursed me for the evening. I made the mistake of not getting a return ticket home and after losing at the casino would have been stranded. This isnt the reviewers fault. He is absolutely correct about this. Luckily I have great relationships with others where It was handled In mere seconds. If I werent authentic, If I werent who I said I was, I wouldnt have regulars, ESPECIALLY those willing to go the extra mile for me. It is that simple.

The hardest part about these reviews is there are really good escorts out there who come across someone who just simply isnt being truthful about their meeting. I dont want to turn this into a he said, she said situation but one thing this reviewer will not do is taint my reputation. I pride myself on having nothing short of amazing experiences and take what I do very seriously. So much so that I am willing to travel extensively for long period of times. Some escorts are just looking for a quick buck. I actually prefer getting to know people. Its the best part about my job. Again the reviewer mentions we had an overnight. About 90% of the people I meet are for overnights due to my traveling. Again it LITERALLY makes no sense for me to not have accurate photos spending that long a period with someone etc.

I ask you all to do your research on the reviewer. Again he's trying to discredit me to help his escort friend. What Ive learned is to not take the amazing experiences I have for granted. As an escort you become numb to people telling you how great you look or commenting your body. I will now treasure those who genuienly looking to have a good time. Afterall that is the whole point of this business.

Lastly. I am Authentic. Those are my pictures. For any future clients concerned due to this review I completely understand. We live In a world where things arent always what they seem. And I will gladly skype before meeting.

Editor's Note: I'm publishing your response exactly as you wrote it, no editing.

I also searched the CFE database and found this Reviewer has submitted six Reviews on CFE.

Of those, four for different Escorts were marked "Yes" on the question about hiring again.

One I edited to "Did not hire" because although intending to hire, that did not happen because the Reviewer did not read prior Reviews indicating that the Escort does not kiss. The Reviewer actually wrote "shame on me" regarding himself for not researching further than the reviews on other sites.

This Review was the only one of the six where the Reviewer indicated "No" on the hire again question or wrote that he had a negative experience.
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